Kiwi is the fruit of several species of vines in the genus Actinidia, originally grown in China. Their skin is brown and fuzzy, while their flesh is light green with a distinguished sweet flavor.


Our kiwis are grown in northern Greece, specifically in the regions of Pieria and Thessaly, at the foot of the mountain Olympus. Because of that unique location, our kiwis come with really sweet flavor when ripe and very good shelf life, which helps extend our kiwi campaign until late Spring.


Karastegiou Bros’s Hayward kiwi are stored in modern cooling facilities really close to their growing region with refrigerated trucks, ensuring ideal storing conditions, and as result, high quality of the final product.


The main destinations for our kiwis are countries in the Middle East, such as Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, as well as countries in Europe, mainly Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria.