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Pear is a fruit that belongs to the family of top fruits, and its’ trees can be found in all countries with temperate climate of both hemispheres. The common pear is probably of European origin and has been cultivated since ancient times.


Karastergiou Bros handles more than 3000000 kg of pears annually, ensuring a staggering 10 month supply of Greek pears, cultivated mostly in the region of Thessaly.


Our pears are grown by a group of certified producers, whose orchards are monitored regularly both by expert agronomists and members of Karastergiou Bros to ensure the quality of the final product.


At the time of picking, the pears are transported to our own refrigerating chambers in less than 8 hours after picking, getting pre cooled and being prepared for long-term storing in our CA chambers.


The main varieties are the following:


Availability: August-October

Size:Small sized rounded pear with thick stem, 40 to 65 mm diameter for cat. I fruit

Skin: Thin and smooth skin, green (occasionally with red blush)-yellow when ripe-color

Flesh & Taste: Cream white juicy flesh, sweet taste

Santa Maria

Size and Shape: Medium-large sized pear, 55 to 90 mm diameter for cat. I fruits. Short and typical pyriform shape

Skin: Smooth, Green (occasionally with red blush)-yellow when ripe-color

Flesh & Taste: White and crunchy flesh, bittersweet, juicy and refreshing taste


Size & Shape: Medium sized pears, 50 to 75 mm diameter for cat. I fruits. Pyriform shape with generally long stem

Skin: Smooth & bright skin, green (occasionally with red blush)-greenish when ripe-color

Flesh & Taste: White & sweet flesh, butter texture when ripe, very sweet taste